Last Island: Exploring Transitions to Sustainable Futures through Play

A serious game was designed and developed with the goal of exploring potential sustainable futures and the transitions towards them. This computer-assisted board game, Last Island, which incorporates a system dynamics model into a board game's core mechanics, attempts to impart knowledge and understanding on sustainability and how an isolated society may transition to various futures to a non-expert community of players. To this end, this collaborative-competitive game utilizes the Miniworld model which simulates three variables important for the sustainability of a society: human population, economic production and the state of the environment. The resulting player interaction offers possibilities to collectively discover and validate potential scenarios for transitioning to a sustainable future, encouraging players to work together to balance the model output while also competing on individual objectives to be the individual winner of the game.
Firouzeh Taghikhah
William L. Raffe
George Mitri
Sebastian Du Toit
Alexey Voinov
Jaime A. Garcia
Presented At
ACSW 2019 Proceedings of the Australasian Computer Science Week Multiconference
Conference Proceedings