Social Impact

Women with a BMI>30 are advised to gain less weight in pregnancy than leaner women. 

A game to assist them to do this by increasing their exercise would be advantageous. 
Suitable exercise is for example, swimming, walking, yoga, pilates, exercise bike. Pregnant women are advised to avoid activity that involves:

  • abdominal trauma or pressure (weightlifting)
  • contact or collision– such as martial arts, soccer, basketball 
  • hard projectile objects or striking implements – such as hockey, cricket or softball
  • falling – such as downhill skiing, horse riding and skating
  • extreme balance, co-ordination and agility – such as gymnastics
  • significant changes in pressure – such as SCUBA diving
  • heavy lifting
  • high-altitude training at over 2000 m
  • supine exercise position (lying on your back) – the weight of the baby can slow the return of blood to the heart; some of these exercises can be modified by lying on your side
  • wide squats or lunges.

The project will create powerful game scenarios that will potentially support women with a BMI>30 in pregnancy by understanding their preferences and motivations toward physical exercise. Moreover, we will collect information on players feelings and attitudes towards (1) the game and the contents of it; (2) the selection of exercises that will feed into the game; and (3) how the incorporation of such exercises affect their progression and gameplay. 

This data will be most useful for future research into this field, as to be best of our knowledge, no other project has explored an exergaming approach to support women with a BMI>30 in early stages of pregnancy.

The foreseen game prototype will also form a solid foundation for expanding this research line on exergame design for health purposes and addressing external funding calls.