Sedentary lifestyles result in a high risk of development of preventable chronic disease ie Metabolic syndrome, Diabetes, CVD. Particularly for pregnant women, sedentary lifestyles and obesity can lead to severe consequences for both the mother and the baby. For example, serious health conditions such as stillbirth, congenital anomalies, preterm birth, low birth weight, gestational hypertension and  gestational diabetes and increased rate of caesarean section have all been reported. 

Consequently, providing sedentary pregnant women with safe, engaging and palatable options to undertake physical activity are critical for the health of mother and infant alike. One option recently proposed includes the use of exergaming, whereby affordable technology though game consoles are used to promote physical activity. These exergames can be used in the safety of a home environment, involve fun and engaging gaming technology to promote physical activity. 

This project aims at designing an exergame systems that provides appropriate balance between exertion and entertainment, whilst avoiding contraindications that exist for pregnant women during exercise. 

This work is being undertaken by a cross-faculty team  involving FEIT, Faculty of Health and in collaboration with industry partner,  NSW Health Get Healthy in Pregnancy.